We’re all guilty of telling little white lies. But some people take it a step farther and lie to deceive. The good news is you can learn to identify dishonesty. Follow these 4 tips to catch a liar in the act:

One, look for inconsistencies. If you suspect someone of lying, listen closely and take note of any disjointed pieces of their story. Liars usually slip up and ultimately tell on themselves.

Two, be wary of extra details. Liars will often throw in a lot of unnecessary specifics in an effort to convince you they aren’t lying.  

Three, ask probing questions and pay close attention to their reactions. If they get really defensive, skirt around your questions, or avoid the conversation altogether, they might be hiding something. 

Four, pay close attention to their body language. Is the individual avoiding eye contact? Are they fidgeting? Do they look uncomfortable? A liar might easily deceive with their words, but their posture and demeanor can point to dishonesty.

These four tips will help you catch a liar in the act.

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