CBT and Emotional Balance

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an essential modality in challenging and connecting thoughts, emotions and responses. CBT is short term therapy which have proven to beneficial with a variety diagnosis, which include depression, substance abuse and anxiety. For the most part, we become so entangled with only the emotional aspects of life, and negate our ability to alter common unwanted behavioral responses. CBT provides an avenue to take an in depth look of how the events are connected, while exploring patterns and challenging behaviors. CBT provides a variety of objectives which include identifying triggers, distinguishing emotions from thoughts, and understanding the impact of negative, neutral and positive emotions.

“The Struggle is Real” is a modern day expression used to stressed the magnitude of situations that can be viewed as overwhelming , infuriating, or tiresome. Often in today’s pop culture we hear the phrase-“The Struggle Is Real” and see various memes on social media. Taking a look at life as whole we often overlook how depression and unresolved emotions affect our daily living and quality of life.

The truth is LIFE HAS HAPPENED! In between juggling home , school, kids, careers, relationships, disappointments, triumphs and let downs- the struggle to maintain an emotional balance has become very real.

Acceptance and acknowledgement depression has evolved, but continues to loom in the atmosphere with so many stigmas. Stigmas of embarrassment, weaknesses, inadequacies, and a cult of secrecy which are driving entities that cause further internalization of depression and seclusion.

Depending on how you were raised, which generation you were raised in, and the overall perception of “social norms,” all have more than likely shaped our views in regards to mental health/depression/emotions. Universally were taught or told to weather the storm, suck it up, or bury feelings-without realizing the effects of these learned behaviors. So often verbalizing our struggles(emotions) and sharing our tribulations perpetuate stigmas and continues to magnify the cycles of depression versus resolving them.

Even though the struggles are real, it doesn’t mean we have to maneuver the challenges of life with layers of isolation and shame. Many times in life we need assistance to un-mesh our circumstances, dissect emotions and challenge unhealthy behaviors that have been ingrained.

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