I am an ACA member and follow the private practice pointer section of the website pretty regularly. I have a private practice and am looking for some additional marketing ideas.

My question is: Wat are the ethical consideration in using social media to market one’s private practice? If it isn’t an ethical dilemma, what’s the best way to get started with type of marketing?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Karen,

Thank you for your inquiry!
My name is Anthony Centore, and I am the Private Practice Consultant for the ACA.

Social networking does pose some ethical conundrums for persons in the helping professions. I addressed some of them in the article “Facebooking with Therapy Clients”: http://www.thriveboston.com/counseling/social-media-and-therapy-clients/

However, there are many ways to do social medial professionally and personably!

I’d be happy to talk with you in detail..Call me anytime at [redacted]. Also, the best resource I have found on the topic is a short, action packed, book titled “Crush It” by Gary Vanerchuk. You can find it online here: Amazon.com here: http://www.amazon.com/Crush-Time-Cash-Your-Passion/dp/0061914177

I hope this helps!!



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