So you’re shopping around for counseling therapy, and there’s a lot to pick from. During your search, you may stumble upon a Counseling center that is franchised, and you may be wondering whether or not that’s a good thing.

Well, the idea of a counseling franchise is still pretty new, so it makes sense that not everyone is sold on the concept. Recently, Thriveworks Counseling has pioneered the idea by franchising in 6 locations across 4 states. The feedback has been great so far, and we’ve been quickly finding out why clients are finding value in this endeavor.

Below is a list of benefits our clients and counselors have communicated to us:

1. You Know What You’re Getting

Going to see a counselor, at least for the first time, can be a terrifying experience. Clients don’t really know what they’re getting into, and that uncertainty deters many people from seeking out the professional help they know they need.

With our multiple practices, clients have told us that they felt much more secure about visiting a center that is part of a larger brand known throughout the industry. They know they’re exploring a proven system rather than an unknown practice.

2. No Insurance Headache

Even though insurance pays for professional counseling services, many independent counseling practices are still “cash-only.” But with a counseling franchise, our counselors are able to accept almost any kind of insurance, opening doors for many people who would not otherwise afford clinical care.

3. Support and Resources

Counselors don’t have time to handle everything themselves, so one of the initial reasons Thriveworks even considered franchising was to lift administrative burdens off of these practices. That way, counselors can give more time and attention to their patients, and no one gets lost in the shuffle.

We’ve been able to build medical receptionist teams that answer phones right away and schedule appointments for patients much more efficiently, taking the stress off of both counselors and their clients. We also offer medical billing, business mentorship, and extensive operations training to franchisees, giving them the tools they need to make their practice better for the clients.

4. Consistency

Today, people are relocating more than ever before, sometimes across the country. Relocating is hard enough without having to move to a completely new counseling practice that you’re not used to. Counseling Franchises fix this problem by having a Quality Code: a set standard of care that is held by all counseling centers.
You wouldn’t have to worry about entering into a practice that is sub-par, and this consistency helps provide the best possible experience for every client, no matter where life takes them.

5. High-Quality Counselors

From Day 1, we’ve known that hiring only the best counselors was our best chance at raising the bar for counseling centers everywhere.

Less than 5% of applicants to these positions are filled in order for us to maintain the level of care we are becoming known for.

Our counselors have been featured in professional and national publications including CNN, The Boston Globe, Prevention and more. We seek out counselors who have graduated from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

These are just a few of the great results of franchising that we are seeing as Thriveworks continues to grow and expand. If you believe a Thriveworks center would be the best practice for you, visit our contact page and let us know where you’re at and what you’re looking for.

Chances are we’re opening a center near you sooner rather than later!