• It’s officially November which means one thing and one thing only… it’s time for the men of planet Earth to grow a beard.
  • No-Shave November is all about growing a thick, lustrous, manly beard that commands the respect of other men, women, and even household pets.
  • Since the worldwide stubble has begun to grow, we decided it was time to find out the reasons guys grow beards, according to guys with beards.

No-Shave November is here, which means that people across the country will be sprouting facial hair like nobody’s business. It’s a glorious display of testosterone, a trend that has firmly caught hold with people across the U.S. But why do men grow beards? The answer, it seems, depends on the person—and a little bit of science.

Chandler Sterling, the founder of California Beard Company and expert in all things beards, has a lot of theories about why men grow beards. “Dudes grow beards for many reasons, but one of the most common reasons is because shaving makes them break out in redness, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, etc., and causes them to look icky and feel even worse about themselves,” says Sterling. “They probably just don’t know how to shave properly (cleanliness is key) but that’s okay, science has shown that bearded men are found more attractive than clean-shaven guys. In fact, science has shown that the average 10-day beard is the sexiest look on a man. So, if anything, guys should be growing their beard out to the 10-day length and then maintaining it at there.”

David Bennett, is a certified counselor, relationship expert, and co-author of seven self-help books. Along with his twin brother, he also runs the website “The Popular Man” (thepopularman.com) and started growing a beard during “No Shave November” a few years ago. “I did it mainly because where I worked all the guys were doing it, and they challenged me to join in,” says Bennett. “What I found was that I got so many compliments from women that I kept it. One woman even told my colleague that it caused her to look at me in a whole new light.”

T.J. Peterson, a Digital Media Coordinator at Oz Moving said he had three primary reasons for growing a beard. Peterson said, “It seems to be currently trendy. I have a baby face, so I look much younger without one, and I’m too lazy to shave every day.”

Bobby Hilliard at Student Loan Genius claims to be a weirdo without one. “I have a beard because I look weird as hell without one. I shaved two years ago and saw my face and immediately grew my beard back,” says Hilliard. “I look like I’m seven without facial hair. It’s not a good look, like at all. Pulling off looking like Sasquatch’s ass is a much better style.”

Clemens Sehi of Travellers Archive claims that he feels naked without a beard. “To me, having a beard is for the simple reason that I love the feel of it… going through it with my fingers and simply not having a feeling of being naked,” says Sehi. “And besides the fact that it makes me look cool and wise, yes, it’s a pretty nice accessory to have on a cold day.”

Rafe Gomez of VC Inc. Marketing grows a beard because he’s bald up top. “The real reason why I grew a beard: Given my lack of follicular activity up on the northern part of my dome piece, I shaved my head to keep things consistent in terms of skin exposure,” said Gomez. To up the game of my presentation, I grew some two-tone chin scruff to complete the look. I’ve gotten compliments.”

So, there you have it, folks! These are just some of the many reasons why men grow beards for No-Shave November. Whether it’s because of social pressure, being too lazy to shave, or wanting to look older. There are plenty of acceptable reasons to start “getting your beard on” starting today. Happy No-Shave November, everyone!