Online Counseling and Loan Forgiveness

I am working on my 4 year degree online. I am interested in preforming online therapy. Do you know how I can receive loan forgiveness for school and how this goal could work?


Student from Colombia, South America

Answer: Dear Aspiring Online Counselor,

Congrats on pursuing a degree in counseling. In regards to student loan repayment situation, I don’t know of any programs that fit this description. While there might be some somewhere, the likelihood of such a situation is really quite slim. Counseling, in general as a field, does not offer a lot of “loan forgiveness” programs. Online counseling, is a very niche sub-sect of the industry, and is a method of providing care that many counselors would love to do–but cannot for a variety of financial and pragmatic limitations (we’ve discussed many in other blog posts). This makes finding a loan repayment program for online counseling even less likely. If you were to find one a loan repayment program it would most likely be to work in-person (not online) as a counselor for an under-served population, or an inner-city.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you find anything different!

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