How Much Should a Hawaii Counseling Resident Be Paid?


Aloha Anthony,

I currently hold an LCSW license in the State of HI. I am a resident. I have lived here for over 20 years. A local nonprofit organization here on Oahu is currently looking to recruit me as a part-time counseling employee. I would not be on contract but would be a part-time or per-diem basis hire. The agency gets third-party contract’s as well as handling their normal case load.

As a consequence, they currently have too many client’s. Their full-time employee’s case-loads are higher than the agency can handle and so they are looking to hire me as a per-deim Counselor to handle the overflow. Because I am am par, I know how much insurance companies pay out for someone with my license. However, I do not know what would be an equitable monitory exchange. Do you know what would be a fair price for me to ask for when they ask how much I am expecting to earn on an hourly or per client basis?

I would be so grateful if you have any good advice for me.

Thank You.

Hawaii Counselor, LCSW


Hi Hawaii Counselor,

Congrats on the new opportunity! While I’d like to be able to answer this question with firm numbers, in truth I can’t because I don’t know what the market is like for counselors in your area (there were no numbers in your questions background info).

I think a fair price is a price that makes sense for both you and your employer — perhaps based on how much the agency will receive in reimbursements from your work. A 50 to 60 percent split, in the counselor’s favor, is often typical (usually, see the link below for more information on this) for a fully licensed clinician, but resident-level counselors are often paid less, due to their limited scope of abilities and necessary supervision costs. Additionally, If you have other employment options, perhaps a fair price would be reflect what your other options are willing to pay.

I hope this helps!


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Dr. Anthony Centore

Anthony Centore, PhD

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