A 12 year old boy in Taiwan had one of the most unthinkable accidents in the history of historic art culture. He casually walked into an art exhibition with his mother, enjoying a soda of some kind admiring a few of art’s finest masterpieces. Out of nowhere he begins to fall due to a gravely miscalculated step and places a nice fist sized hole in a $1.5 million dollar painting. Better yet, the whole thing was caught on the art exhibitions security camera.  Within 48 hours the video had become a viral sensation with millions of views and even more shares on social platforms. Imagine kicking off your Monday in that type of fashion and pretending nothing ever happened.

In today’s generation is it is incredibly difficult to recover from public embarrassment with everyone having constant access to instantly share and tell information. Shame and embarrassment are typical fears and struggles individuals have every day especially in today’s social realm. For some individuals it can develop into an anxiety of constantly being worried about exposing themselves in an embarrassing way. It’s important for people to know how to deal with shame and embarrassment in a positive fashion, that makes dealing with tomorrow possible.

Remember You are Human

No one on this Earth is immortal to the wrath of flaws and making mistakes. Every single person you meet could tell you an experience where they felt shame and embarrassment. Take heart in knowing you are not alone.  

Learn From It

It’s important to remember to look at life like a classroom. Every experience gives you something to learn from. When you are dealing with an embarrassing moment or feel regret, take what you can from the incident and then figure out how it can better yourself and make you stronger.

Laugh it Off

It’s pretty safe to say that when the 12 year old fell into the 17th century Paolo Porpora oil painting “Flowers”, I’m sure you could have heard a pin drop. As embarrassing as that situation was and how shameful the boy must have felt, it’s important to remember that one day, you will and can laugh about your mess ups. Sure it might not be instantaneous, but all of the best stories are made from unfortunate experiences.

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