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Somewhere along the line, as we become adults, we stop telling jokes. We forget that magic of trying to make someone laugh and especially the pure joy of making someone roll their eyes that usually accompanies telling a joke. These are jokes written by kids and while most of them make absolutely no sense, that’s kind of what makes them so amazing. No, you grow up, stupid doo doo brain!

Let It Bee

Eye See What You Did There

I Find This Joke Very Appeeling

Eye See What You Did There

Throwing A Hissy Fit

What A Croc

The Yolk’s On You

Something’s Fishy Here

They Ain’t Lion

Dino-mite Joke

Chicken Runs

What A Ham

Catch The Rainbow

Sink Or Swim

This Joke Is Quite Ribbitting

Plane and Simple

Game Of Cat And Mouse

Less Than Zero

Just Poo It

Food For Thought

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