We all have a story. The history of our family, what we were taught, messages we held on to and placed value and meaning to. This story plays out on a subconscious level, without our awareness. Not really surfacing unless we decide to see it, uncover the hidden messages that keep sabotaging our greatness.

I have a money story which so tightly intertwines to my success and failures. These messages may sound familiar to you as they are not uncommon; “money doesn’t grow on trees. He must have cheated his way to the top. Who did he steal from to get to ahead?” You probably have a few messages you remember from childhood. Our parents, elders, caregivers do their best to raise smart, productive and happy humans. But without acknowledging the belief systems of lack, it gets passed on generation to generation.

For some reason, I developed an emotional tie to these messages and they have a significant influence on my life. Until about 7 months ago. It has been years that I recognized the story, but not much was done to rewrite it. I stayed in the awareness stage for quite some time! Six months ago I began a morning meditation practice by Patricia Moreno, called Sati365 (Mindfulness 365 days a year). It’s helpful to understand, I have never been a morning person. I got out of bed early enough to take care of the kids and get done what needed to be done. It was usually my quiet sanctuary at about midnight to 2am for quiet and peace. Even though I had my sights on my dream (to become reality) these little steps did not seem to be providing results. Little did I know, every small step or action was cracking open the shell to rebirth.

It appears that about 7 months ago I was finally ready for the leap – to show up for my life 100%. Which meant waking up early for morning meditation – a priming for my day – in order to create the state of mind I wanted to live in for my day. You have to set the stage for success – YOU have to make it happen – be ready to walk through the door when it opens. How many opportunities have you missed because you were stuck in your old story?

Without a shift in thinking and feeling you will continue to get the same results. You have to be different in order to have a different life.

What’s non-negotiable for you? I decided that financial security is more important than sleeping in. I decided doing the work and feeling uncomfortable is more important than feeling safe, familiar and in lack. I decided I have a message to share, to serve the world and the risk of failing is more valuable than a message never heard or shared.

What are you ready to give up in order to live your greatness? Are you ready to be uncomfortable for a while in the process of becoming who you were meant to be all along? The world is waiting for you! The world needs each and every one of our greatest gifts, no more playing small.

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