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Today is the day you’ve been waiting for! Today you have a bonafide excuse to go through caution and calories to the wind. But did you know eating donuts today could actually be a healthy choice?

In a ground-breaking Harvard research study (called the Alameda County Study, by Dr. George Kaplan) the habits and relationships of 7,000 people were tracked over a course of nine years. Researchers found that people who engaged in healthy lifestyles without companions risked dying faster than their unhealthy, companioned neighbors–even when the unhealthy lifestyles included smoking, excessive drinking, varied sleep schedules, obesity, and other bad habits. In fact, the people who participated in unhealthy habits with friends were three times more likely to outlive any isolated person with healthy habits!

So, eating fried donuts with friends might appear like it’s bad for you, but perhaps it’s better than hitting the gym alone. So, here’s your chance: invite your friends over for donuts, guilt-free, in the name of science and prolonging your happy life. ☺

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