Dieting is and always will be one of the most difficult things to do in life. This is partially because self-control is one our hardest mental battles, but it’s also because food is awesome. Like really, really, really awesome. As my dad once told me (who has been a psychology professor at Michigan State University for 42 years), dieting isn’t something you do for a week, or a month. A successful diet is one that you decide to follow through on for the rest of your life. And yes, I never grow tired of realizing that my dad is usually right. But, instead of planning our new and improved lifetime diet, let’s look at some funny tweets about dieting and fitness first. Here are 8 of them:









Now that we’ve laughed at some funny tweets regarding dieting and fitness, let’s get on track! If you’re trying to lose weight, or simply eat healthier and become more active follow our tips for staying motivated and following through with your goals.