Exercise improves self-esteem and mood of patients in psychiatric care facilities. This, according to researchers at the University of Vermont.

Researchers built a gym in the university medical center’s inpatient psychiatry unit and introduced 60-minute exercise regimens into each patient’s treatment plan. The team surveyed patients on their mood, self-esteem, and self-image before and after each exercise session.

They found that 95% of patients reported an improved mood after exercising. Additionally, 92% reported feeling satisfied with their bodies and 63% reported feeling happy or very happy after working out.

These findings demonstrate that exercise can benefit people undergoing inpatient treatment for a mental illness. The researchers hope more psychiatric facilities will incorporate exercise into treatment.


Tomasi, D., Gates, S., et al. (2019, May 21). Positive Patient Response to a Structured Exercise Program Delivered in Inpatient Psychiatry. Global Advances in Health and Medicine. Retrieved from https://neurosciencenews.com/exercise-mental-health-14069/

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