Are you having to fill out employment tests for a potential employer? Did you know that both you and your employer can benefit from employment testing?

Employment testing isn’t just valuable for companies, it’s also valuable for you!


  1. Employment testing helps an employer find a good fit for the company, but it also makes sure that you will be happy.
  2. Employment testing is a good fit when it works both ways.

    Studies have consistently revealed that people with a strong sense of purpose and meaning in their lives report fewer psychological issues, lower rates of workaholism, better work adjustment and greater overall happiness in life.

    Those who view their work as a source of meaning in their lives are found to be more engaged in their role, have higher levels of commitment to their job, work better in teams and find greater satisfaction from their work.

    Employment testing can help you find this satisfaction. Employment testing can help a future employee turn down a potential work disaster. With the economy not great, a resume filled with short stints of employment and high employer dissatisfaction won’t help. Help yourself by participating in employee testing.

  3. Employment testing can give you insights into your personality and strengths.
  4. There is no question to the importance and central role an occupation plays for individuals and families in providing the means to live, and in most cases even a sense of societal involvement and influence, but how can you find the job that fits your strengths and abilities if you don’t know your strengths and abilities.

    Employee testing will help you find what you excel at. Sometimes, it takes another person to show you were you are strong at.

  5. Finally, employee testing gives you useful insights into your “blind spots”.
  6. The weakest side to any person is the side that he does not self. Employee testing can help you see all sides. Testing will allow you to see a complete picture.

Thriveworks offers career counseling and employment testing to help you excel in your career. To schedule an appointment, or simply to acquire more information, call us anytime toll-free at 1-855-2-THRIVE (1-855-284-7483).

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