It Starts with a Thought …

In order to change where we want to be we must first embrace where we are right now.”

We have thousands of thoughts that run through our heads every minute of every day. There are thoughts we do not even realize we are choosing. The truth is, we choose every thought. We may not realize it, but we do. And the goal in creating the life we want, is to choose, but we first need to be aware of the choices we make.

Thought precedes action. What we think, we then play out in our daily life. So what do we tell ourselves every day? What do we say about ourselves, others, the world we live in? Are our thoughts congruent with our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world? Do we want something different than what we see when we look in the mirror every morning?

In order to change where we want to be we must first embrace where we are right now. First, take a look in the mirror, and this time, tell yourself: “I love you.” Yes, this is scary, but think about it, we expect the world to love us, we expect loving people to come into our lives and give us all that we need.

But can we give ourselves what we need? Think about this: Why do we keep ending up in abusive relationships, making poor decisions about our finances, overeating … ? (The list goes on.)

We attract into our lives what we think we deserve. If we think “the world is a dangerous and scary place,” we will most likely overlook all the good that is all around us. We must choose to believe what we want to see in our lives.

“What do I do? What is my first step?”

I am so glad you asked! Louise Hay is a phenomenal teacher in self love and acceptance. She teaches mirror work. Simply by looking into the mirror, into your own eyes and telling yourself out loud, “even though I am experiencing this trauma in my life, I love and accept myself.” Practice this every day, and you will see and feel a shift.

Of course life will provide challenges and obstacles. You will begin to notice that you handle these with more peace and clarity. We cannot eliminate all the bad that comes with being human. But we can choose how we flow through these life experiences.

A second exercise is self-awareness. Taking notice, for example, when you are feeling anger towards someone or something, saying to yourself, “I feel this anger, I notice my heart racing, I feel uncomfortable.”

Acknowledge this feeling and then decide what your next thought and action will be. You may tell yourself, “I don’t like this feeling, I feel out of control.” And then choose to BE in this moment. Don’t DO anything, just feel. That alone may guide you. Just being in the moment will bring clarity to your thoughts.

Don’t Skip Out on Your Emotions

We tend to want to skip through uncomfortable feelings very quickly. Every feeling has a purpose or life lesson. It may be worthwhile to tune in and learn from our hearts and minds. Once we tune in and are aware of these thoughts and feelings that need attention, we can then move to self-talk. You may find that whatever situation has caused you anger calls for no action.

So now, how do you unwind from the cyclone of negative energy that you find yourself in? Take a deep breath and repeat to yourself: “I am peace” or “I am love.” Find the mantra that fits for you. Be in this moment — connecting with your breath and thoughts — and feel what you are telling yourself.

Practice makes perfect, they say! The more you get your mind to be present, the more you will feel your heart directing you on your true path to peace, clarity and self-acceptance.

Do practice positive thinking? Share your experiences by commenting below.