Do I need therapy? What are the signs of needing therapy?

Have you ever stopped and thought, “Do I need to see a therapist?” A lot of people have the big misconception that you only seek therapy during the middle of a life crisis: a death, a bad break-up, a serious life change, etc…

While it is absolutely true and needed to seek therapy during those times, therapy is also vital if you are seeking to add to your life’s vitality and happiness.

What are the signs that I might need therapy?

Individual Therapy

Feeling stuck (or in a rut), not enjoying life as you used to, not feeling hungry or not sleeping well, constantly worrying, or struggling with anxiety, weight, or anger may be indications that you need therapy. But if you are not in the middle of one of those issues, maybe you are just changing careers, or are in a big transition (relationships, moving, etc…), individual therapy would be great for you.

Couples Therapy

You may need couples therapy if: you find that you are constantly arguing, have this one issue that you can’t seem to resolve, face dilemmas on how to raise the kids, face money problems, or even intimacy issues. Couples therapy can help you reconnect and rediscover the passion you used to have. Don’t wait until there is no hope – therapy can help.

Whether you feel like you are in a rut, are in an unfulfilling relationship, or are having less energy than normal, therapy will give you a safe place to express yourself and find ways to help get back to you.

Sadly, many people think therapy is a last resort, or is a sign that you have given up on life, but in reality, it it the exact opposite. Therapy is one of the best steps you can take. People who are seeking therapy are not down and out; they are not even lost – they are strong, not giving up, and pursuing everything that life can offer them.

What can be more hopeful and strong than that?