These days, healthcare providers–from physicians, to chiropractors, to acupuncturists–are, in droves, running to become credentialed with insurance companies. And for good reason! Not being able to accept insurance means that up to 90% of their potential patient (or client) base will politely decline to use their services, and instead opt to be treated by the provider just down the street (or sometimes in the same office building!) who does accept their insurance.

For DME companies, that’s Durable Medical Equipment Companies, the story is the same. Except in the case of DME companies, if they’re not credentialed with insurance companies, a large percentage of potential patients might not even know that they exist!

A credentialing team can help!

Working with insurance companies, to get credentialed, can be difficult–but with a credentialing team, the process becomes much easier. When a DME company signs up to have a team complete their credentialing, the team will contact relevant insurance providers, submit applicable information on the DME company (including any applications, that can be 30-90 pages long) to the insurance companies, and then begin an interaction and application process with each insurance company–that can take between 90-120 days to complete on average (3-4 months). All the while, every interaction–every phone call, email, letter, application, form, fax, and every other bit of correspondence between the credentialing team and the insurance companies, is recorded and organized in an online account that YOU (the DME company) can access anytime.

In an ideal scenario, the credentialing team you choose will be available to learn more about your DME company’s needs, and help you to develop a plan for getting your company credentialed with insurance companies. If you’re looking for medical billing or credentialing help, consider our friends at East Meadow Management Group. They’re available to offer a timely quote, or help you find a solution. You can reach them at  516-277-8291 or by filling out this quick and easy form here.