Virtual reality therapy: Could mental health ‘avatars’ be the future of telehealth services?

Virtual reality therapy is a new form of therapeutic treatment that involves the use of avatars—realistic, computer-generated images of a virtual mental health professional that clients can talk to.  A 2022 study noted that when discussing difficult, painful subjects in a therapy session, 30% of test subjects actually preferred talking…

Learn the signs of digital consumer manipulation and be a smarter online shopper

It’s not always obvious when our cognitive biases are being manipulated by digital marketers and neuromarketing experts. Retail websites use a variety of psychological tactics to persuade consumers to buy their products. Occasionally these tactics stray into manipulative territory, for example when websites use dark patterns, greenwashing, and price discrimination. …

Overcoming telephone phobia: When you jump through hoops to avoid “jumping on a call” 

People text more and make fewer voice calls than they did a decade ago. For some people, that reluctance to make and receive calls is caused by telephonophobia, or phone anxiety.  Phone calls can make people feel ambushed, trapped, or acutely self-conscious—but fortunately, there are different approaches that may help…

Our phone habits can reveal our personality!  (Video)

Your phone activity might reveal important personality traits. This, from researchers at RMIT University. The research team looked at phone call and messaging activity logs from college students, as well as accelerometer data, which tracks phone movement. They found that an individual’s interactions with their phone predicted specific personality traits….

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