How-to relieve holiday stress: 4 tips (Video)

Traditionally speaking, the holidays are a time for celebration, for togetherness. But in the 21st century, the Christmas season has taken on a whole new meaning… stress. Today, celebrating the holidays with loved ones is overshadowed or even pushed aside completely by all of the stress that comes with it….

10 steps to recover from burnout: take timeouts, define a healthy balance, evaluate important areas of life, and then re-focus

Burnout is a state of exhaustion—emotional, physical, mental exhaustion due to an excessive amount of stress. You might experience burnout after working long hours at work, partaking in an ongoing battle with your significant other, or enduring an especially busy or chaotic week. Whatever the cause, burnout isn’t fun and…

Stress management for millennials: understanding and coping with the stressors of a quarter-life crisis

I work predominantly with “millennials” in New York City; those 20-30 somethings who are openly and honestly seeking therapy, very often for the first time, to address certain issues that are more common among this age group. Many consider this age group to be experiencing a “quarter-life crisis.” These individuals…

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