Science and Technology

Biohacking and neurohacking: Is the human body due for an upgrade?

Biohackers and neurohackers are tech-inspired problem-solvers who want to find DIY ways to “upgrade” their biology and cognitive abilities.  Biohacks run the gamut from the socially acceptable (exercise, coffee) to the extreme (hyperbaric chambers, microchips embedded under the skin). The concept of biohacking can make us explore what we value…

The connection between smartwatches and health anxiety: Does this technology actually make us more stressed out?

Smartwatches have exploded in popularity, especially among Millennials and younger Gen-Xers: Companies like Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit all offer wearables that come loaded with features. Heavily marketed features of smartwatches include heart rate and stress monitoring, as well as blood O2 readings.  While vital sign readings can be useful from…

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