Research in Psychology

Fun facts about birthdays: Relative age effect, temporal landmarks, and seasonal personality traits

Hard science can begin to look like astrology when it comes to researching the importance of birthdays and season of birth (SOB).  Birthdays are proven to influence everything from your success in school and sports to your physical health.  Birthdays can serve as temporal landmarks that enhance motivation—or deepen depression….

Depression and anxiety might affect susceptibility to certain allergies, according to new study

New research says that there might be a link between one’s psychological health and their seasonal or perennial (nonseasonal) allergies. Study participants reported seasonal allergies like pollen, perennial allergies like house dust, and allergies to other substances like food and drugs. Additionally, they answered questions related to their psychological health,…

Melanie Klein, Happy Birthday

Melanie Klein is a renowned psychoanalyst and author who has contributed significant work to child psychology. Klein was inspired by her meetings with her therapist (whom she met with after she became depressed) to observe her children and explore her interest in psychoanalysis. This observation led to her creating a…

Researchers say a psychedelic drug could improve treatment for depression and anxiety, due to its fast action and short duration

New research says that a fast-acting psychedelic drug could help treat depression and anxiety. Researchers investigated whether administration of this psychedelic in a controlled group setting might affect self-reported feelings of depression and anxiety. The team controlled the dose and ensured that participants had support during and after use of…

A nap a day could lower your blood pressure and, in turn, reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems like heart attack

New research shows that midday napping could reduce blood pressure, just as significantly as other lifestyle changes. The research team reached these findings by analyzing 212 participants: half of whom napped during the day, and the other half of whom did not nap. After adjusting for factors known to affect…

Choosing a high-calorie dessert first might lead to your choosing an overall healthier meal, research says

A new study, after conducting four experiments, says that choosing an indulgent dessert first could help you eat an overall healthier meal. In a cafeteria experiment, a dessert option (cheesecake or fresh fruit) was placed at the beginning or end of the cafeteria line; the online experiments replicated this design….

Researchers say if parents want to successfully cut back on their child’s screen-time, they must first cut back on screen-time themselves

New research shows that if parents want to successfully reduce their children’s screen-time, they should cut back on their own screen-time. Kids are spending more and more time playing on iPads and sitting in front of the TV, which feeds an increase in obesity among children. The researchers sought to…

Increasing nicotine intake four-fold might help smokers finally kick the bad habit, researchers say

New research shows that smokers who want to quit the habit might find success if they increase their nicotine intake. The researchers say that smokers can tolerate a much larger dose (four times what is normally recommended) than that found in most nicotine replacement medications, and they’re capable of determining…

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