Music therapy: How the “Encanto” soundtrack and other forms of music can help us to process our emotions

With people everywhere falling head over heels for Disney’s “Encanto,” it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight the emotional impact of music on our lives.  Even science is proving that our love for music is a genetic trait, a uniquely human experience.  Though the “Encanto” soundtrack is quickly becoming beloved, under…

Upbeat music can improve your workout (Video)

Upbeat music can improve your workout. This, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia. A group of 24 participants completed three 20-second sprints, with a two-minute rest in between, under three different conditions. During one workout, participants listened to motivational music, or music with a fast tempo; in…

Music Therapy: Overview, Facts, and Fiction

He’s just gotten into a screaming fight with his girlfriend. They exchanged meaningless, yet hurtful insults and she left in a tearful fit. He can feel his heart beating uncontrollably and can’t seem to stop pacing the room. Then he catches sight of his Pandora station sitting patiently on the…

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