Famous Psych Experiments

New research says our biases toward non-native speakers may stem from our preferences as children, as kids prefer to befriend those who speak like them

A new study says that our biases toward non-native speakers as adults are influenced by our preferences as children to befriend those who talk like us. The researchers sought to better understand when, how, and why we develop these biases toward people who speak differently than us. To do so,…

The marshmallow experiment: The link between delayed gratification and success in life

Mischel conducted the marshmallow experiment, which revealed that delaying gratification can lead to greater success in life. This experiment involved observing over 100 kids who were given two options: leave a single marshmallow on the table for 15 minutes and be rewarded with another, or eat the first marshmallow and…

Jane Elliot’s famous classroom experiment: How eye color helped her students to understand the effects of discrimination

In an effort to demonstrate the effects of discrimination, third-grade teacher Jane Elliott separated her students into two groups: blue eyes and brown eyes. First, the students with brown eyes were told that they were superior and given privileges like extra time at recess and seconds at lunch. Elliott observed…

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