What is character bonding? Exploring the connection we feel with fictional characters

Character bonding is when we start to emulate the personality traits of fictional characters that we admire and/or feel drawn to. There’s nothing inherently harmful about character bonding; just remember that there is a distinction between them and you.  While people may be drawn towards different fictional characters based on…

Online Counseling Question: How can I stop myself from feeling worthless during COVID-19? (Video)

Click here to schedule online counseling at Thriveworks. Hi, my name is Chrissy Myers and I’m a Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist with our Thriveworks Midlothian office. During this COVID-19 health crisis, we’ve received many questions from clients about the different challenges and emotions that they are facing. One of the most…

What are the 5 thinking styles? Understanding different types of thinkers

There are five different types of thinkers with their own thinking styles: synthesists, idealists, pragmatists, analysts, and realists. Synthesists stand out with their creativity and curiosity; they like to consider different ideas, views, and possibilities. Idealists are always setting and working toward big goals—they set the bar high and expect others…

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