Diversity and representation in counseling: Improving access to mental health care with a diverse clinical team

When searching for a health care provider, we consider education, years of experience, customer reviews… and perhaps whether or not that person is like us. For certain individuals, this last consideration can be an important one: Specifically for those in marginalized communities searching for a provider who truly understands what…

The Greatest Therapy Scenes in Movie History

It’s estimated that over a quarter of all Americans have received some form of professional counseling in their lives. Unfortunately, barriers like cost often prevent people from receiving the mental health treatment they need. While there’s no true substitute for the real thing, these movies with therapy scenes sure are…

How to Handle Criticism as a Survivor of Trauma

Whether constructive or otherwise received from a spouse, boss, family member or friend, criticism for some of us can provoke defensiveness, justifying, rationalizing, minimizing, and sometimes self-defeating hostility. I’ve personally seen these responses to criticism displayed more frequently in those who reported histories of trauma of some sort. Whether the…

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