Making friends at work: 6 simple do’s and don’ts to help you maintain professional bonds and boundaries

It’s great to have friends at work, but our workplace connections can require some social navigating. For many people, getting to know their coworkers is a little awkward.   Despite how stiff water cooler talk can be, getting past that phase (by becoming friends at work) is beneficial for you and…

How to deal with toxic friends: Tips for identifying friendship red flags and maintaining boundaries

Red flags in romantic relationships are a popular subject—but what about our friendships?  Friendship red flags are real and can be an indication that your friendship is toxic or at least needs some work.  If you spot manipulative or controlling behavior in your friendships, it’s important that you set boundaries….

What is micro-cheating? How to recognize the signs, plus tips on how to save your relationship after infidelity

Small actions or behaviors that skirt the boundaries of our relationship and test the limits of our partner’s trust are known as micro-cheating.  When we know something will hurt our partner (i.e flirting with coworkers) and we do it anyway, that behavior is ultimately unhealthy for our relationship’s long-term health. …

Raising a Respectful Child — Whose Responsibility is It? (3 Tips)

The Three Most Important Things You Need To Know 1. Start Young — Don’t Underestimate Your Child Raising a child in an environment that consistently models respectful communication is essential. From the moment you bring your precious cherub home from the hospital, it is important to continue to practice and/or…

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