Achieving Goals

Solution-focused brief therapy: Benefits, techniques, and whether it’s right for you

Solution-focused brief therapy is a highly effective, concentrated therapeutic method that helps clients identify the path forward when faced with life transitions, interpersonal issues, or emotional distress.  Solution-focused approaches are ideal for those faced with anxiety, stress, minor depression, relationship issues, family conflict, or children with behavioral issues. The duration…

Does willpower exist? Ego depletion theory explained, plus ways to exercise better self-control

Though the idea that each of us has a “reserve” of willpower is an attractive notion, current psychological research doesn’t put much stock in the idea. Psychologists are instead asking the question: Does willpower exist?  Believing in willpower is part of ego depletion theory—the belief that without enough willpower, we…

Sick of being single on Valentine’s Day? Follow these 3 professional tips for enjoying your solitude and eventually finding love

Those who are in loving relationships often enjoy Valentine’s Day, while single individuals pity themselves for, well, being single. If you fall into the latter group, you can break this cycle of feeling sad and lonely on Valentine’s Day by learning to love your solitude and also working toward finding…

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