Introducing Dawn Gaden in Birmingham, Michigan

Dawn Gaden, M.A., LPC, NCC, is a counselor with more than 15 years experience. She is also a certified yoga teacher. In the above video can watch Dawn explain her philosophy to counseling and some of the techniques she uses with her clients.

Hi, my name is Dawn Gaden — licensed counselor certified in complementary medicine and wellness. So my philosophy to counseling is a mindfulness, intuitively guided approach. You learn some techniques like meditation to tap into your inner voice, what you know is right for you. And what we tend to do is get into a rut or a habit of thinking negatively, making poor choices and tuning out our inner voice.

Meditation is a good way to tune in and create those new habits, bringing us more mindfulness in our daily walk, and then making choice we know are best for us.

Another technique I find very helpful is called tapping, or emotional freedom technique. It’s very successful with traumas, also with stress or anxiety as well. We know that crises cause intense emotions and we store those emotions in our physical bodies — which can cause physical illness. So when we can minimize the charge those emotions create, we can process those experiences a little bit more quicker — healthier — and then moving into the present again. Making our choices based on what we need today, not based on past experiences.

Those are a few things I do, I look forward to working with you at Thriveworks Counseling, Beverly Hills! Give me a call, schedule an appointment and we can begin this journey.

Have a great day!