A wise note from Dr. Mike Sperber:

As you apparently are, I am an early riser. I like to start the day with NPR’s “The Writer’s Almanac” at 5:00 am. In that way, I start the day with a poem. Here’s one I think that you and other Thrivers will enjoy:

If you can tell me why the fen
Appears impassable, I then
Will tell you why I think that I
Can get across it if I try.
–Marianne Moore (“I May, I Might, I Must”)

I think Moore is saying that once we can frame the nature of a problem it is not that difficult to find a solution to it. As you have discovered, the greater the problem, the more impressive the solution. I think of John Milton’s Paradise Regained, written after he became blind. He said that with the loss of external sight his insight was less hampered and had improved.