I enjoyed your article and agree with much of it, including the frustrations of finding a system that is both efficient and affordable. Just thought I’d take a minute and share what is working for me:

My primary billing and insurance filing software package is MPMSoft, which has pricing and support scaled for individuals or for groups of various sizes. I’d give it an A rating. Optional modules that I have not purchased are for scheduling and electronic records management (both because of the cost of the module and also because the program is not resident on all computers in the office — only the ones used for financial transactions). For treatment planning (and notes sometimes) I use Therascribe — a very thorough program but a slight bit cumbersome at times. OUTSTANDING for treatment planning, though. Price is right too — only a few hundred dollars and no maintenance fees. Backup for notes is simple Word on my laptop, with Boxcryptor for security that allows me to store records in the Cloud and access from any computer (the problem with most Cloud programs is that they “mine” your files for their own needs while keeping them secure from outside sources. Encrypting on my computer before I upload to the Cloud ensures that data is secure.).

Although a single, integrated program is ideal, I have not found one that meets all my needs.

I use YAHOO calendar for scheduling because it allows my admin person and I to access at the same time, and provides masking of the names so that clients in my office can only see available slots, not the names of folks who are coming in. Because this is internet-based and not as secure, use of initials or some other code identifier is best.

Maybe some of these ideas are new to you. Maybe not. It DOES take work to find a system that works well. I suggest you check into MedSoft and see what you think of their system — we need a separate contract with a clearinghouse for claim submission but it’s user-friendly, inexpensive, and we’ve been satisfied for about 6 years.

Again, thanks for your article!