Every happy, healthy relationship requires effective communication, dedication, upkeep, and—perhaps the most overlooked factor—excitement or romance. Oftentimes, once a relationship progresses past the honeymoon stage, couples stop prioritizing meaningful one-on-one time together. Subsequently, they begin to lack that intimacy, that spark that brought them together in the first place. This can become a big problem, but fortunately, there’s an easy solution: scheduling intimate and meaningful time together again. Here are four romantic places to visit with your partner in Alexandria, VA, which will surely help you reconnect with one another:

1) Captain’s Row

If you and your partner are up for a stroll, consider paying a visit to Captain’s Row: the historic 100 block of Prince Street in Old Town, Alexandria. This beautiful cobblestone street is lined with intimate gaslight lamps and restored brick houses that cascade down the hill. Legend has it that the signature multicolored cobblestones were brought from England and laid by German mercenaries over two thousand years ago, which adds to the historic ties and vibes Captain’s Row has to offer. Explore this treasured piece of Alexandria—its museums, fine-dining restaurants, and wine and gourmet shops—with your partner, and watch the magic happen.

2) The Alexandria Waterfront

Another beautiful place to visit with your loved one is Alexandria’s scenic waterfront. There are countless activities to enjoy here, from dining on the riverside to visiting festivals and parks, taking a simple stroll by the water, and setting sail on a boat cruise or water taxi. A few restaurants you might consider dining at include Blackwall Hitch, Chart House, and Chadwicks—all of which have friendly atmospheres and stunning views of the waterfront. Now, after you’ve finished dinner (or if you’ve decided to skip a meal out), head on over to one of the eight waterfront parks, which offer striking views, open space for picnics or play, and elegant sculptures. This setting screams romance and will surely light a flame in your relationship.

3) Jones Point Lighthouse

Take the romance a step further, and accompany your partner to the historic lighthouse at Jones Point Park—the only remaining riverine lighthouse in the whole state of Virginia. Consider kicking off the date by renting two bikes and biking along the Potomac to Jones Point Park, which has additional attractions to offer including restaurants, bars, fishing piers, a canoe launch, basketball courts, and playgrounds. So, not only will you have the opportunity to gawk at the last standing lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay area, but you can grab some great grub, check out a local bar, and take advantage of the waterfront activities offered at James Point.

4) King Street

King Street—or “the beating heart” of Old Town Alexandria, as they call it—is the perfect spot for rekindling that spark and reconnecting with your loved one. This lively street, with its red brick sidewalks, offers plenty of noteworthy sights as well as opportunities for shopping. What are you waiting for? Grab your partner’s hand and make your way to King Street to explore the many boutiques, art galleries, and ice cream shops. Turn it into a playful game by picking out something new for the other to wear, or surprise them with a cute gift that will remind them of your date for a long time to come.

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