Do you ever feel stressed at work? These four office decorating tips will help you create a better work environment and reduce stress. 

One, use calm colors to your advantage. Light blues and greens help to keep us relaxed. Incorporate these colors around the office, with plants, picture frames, and other accessories. 

Two, put a personal touch on your space. Decorate your desk with the things you love: photos of you and your loved ones, your favorite flowers, a funny calendar. This will help you feel calm and happy throughout the day.

Three, improve lighting with halogen bulbs. Offices are known for their harsh artificial lighting, which can drain you of energy. Halogen bulbs can help to fix this problem, as they imitate natural light instead.

Four, stay organized. A messy or disorganized space can cause or add to stress. So, keep your desk and office space clean. Get rid of anything you don’t need: those used sticky notes that are no longer important or the notebook covered in ink. 

These four tips will help you create an optimal work environment that relaxes and reduces stress levels.