Relationships aren’t easy—they require time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. They are, however, worth all of the trouble. I mean think about it: you get to do all sorts of fun stuff with one of your favorite people! Believe it or not, people often forget about or undermine the importance of this perk. They get too comfortable with each other or with the status of their relationship, and they neglect valuable time together. But it’s time to put an end to this and to start prioritizing date night again. Visit these 3 fun, dynamic places in Sterling, VA and share meaningful time with your partner:

1) The Bungalow Lakehouse

If you enjoy the classic dinner date, then consider taking your loved one to The Bungalow Lakehouse: the perfect destination for eating, drinking, relaxing, and enjoying your partner’s company. This dynamic American bistro, which sits lakeside, offers gorgeous views; yummy food for meat-eaters, fish-lovers, and vegetarians alike; and great deals on delicious drinks. Furthermore, this restaurant has awesome deals in accord with daily themes such as discounted wine on “Wine Down Wednesday,” cheap cocktails for ladies on “Friday Ladies Night,” and low-priced burgers on “Burger Night,” which is every Tuesday. So, convene with your loved one or better yet surprise them and then decide on a night to check this place out! You’ll without a doubt leave feeling satisfied and having shared meaningful time with your partner in a fantastic place.

2) Sweet Signatures

If you’re looking for a more creative date idea that you’ve never tried before, pay a visit to Sweet Signatures. This family-owned and operated bakery has amazing, mouthwatering desserts to choose from, such as chocolate-covered Rice Krispie Treats, orange chocolate truffles, caramel-filled pretzels, marshmallow pops, apple cheesecake, and so much more. You and your partner can obviously spend your time here indulging in these tasty creations—perhaps even picking a dessert for the other to try—or you can get your hands even dirtier by creating or decorating your own desserts. They also offer coffee chats, hold book signings, put together networking meetings, and throw paint and sip events. So, as long as you and your partner either love desserts or love trying something new, Sweet Signatures will make for a pretty awesome date night.

3) Ridgetop Coffee and Tea

Another fun and different date idea is spending a couple hours with your loved one at Ridgetop Coffee and Tea. Order a pot of steaming hot coffee or a couple cups of tea and then focus exclusively on each other—take the time to really talk and listen. Ask what’s going on at work, tell your loved one about the new exercise class your taking… but most importantly, discuss your relationship. Are you both happy? Are your needs being fulfilled? Do you have any concerns to address? Utilize this time to make sure you’re on the same page—and if you’re not on the same page, get on the same page. Once you’ve taken this time to zero in on each other and ensure your relationship is on the right track, you can enjoy the fun activities Ridgetop has to offer, such as game night and live music. You’ll leave the coffee shop feeling validated in your relationship and reconnected with your loved one.

Perhaps you and your partner could use more than just a fun date idea; say your relationship’s in trouble or you aren’t sure what’s in store for the two of you. Consider meeting with a couples counselor who will help you work through your issues and ultimately build the happy, healthy relationship you desire. The Thriveworks Sterling team is more than ready and willing to take you on this journey. Just call (703) 348-5217 or visit our website to make an appointment today.

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