What are your resolutions?

Every year, we torture ourselves by making New Year’s Resolutions that we don’t keep. So our staff at Thriveworks thought it would be more productive to list out the most popular resolutions we all take part in and how we most often (creatively) break them.

1. Read more books this year!

Renew your Netflix subscription and watch another episode of Breaking Bad.

2. Spend more time with my kids and family!

Bring your kid to work day… that’s once a year right?

3. Grow your savings account!

You can’t spend money when you’re dead.

4. Start working out more.

Who has time to feel sore all day? Oh look, a donut shop…

5. Redecorate the home!

You can use that furniture that your Grandma willed you.

6. Enjoy life more.

Work is life, right?

7. Go traveling!

Eh, I already watch the Travel Channel…and House Hunters International.

8. Get out of debt.

Open that store credit card. You wouldn’t get approved if you couldn’t afford it.

9. Get organized!

I made a list… but forgot where I put it.

10. Support more charities.

I’m poor and hungry. I’ll just support myself.

11. Get more involved in the community!

Buy lots of girl scout cookies…

12. Spend less time watching TV.

I’ll just watch more shows on my tablet.

13. Drink more water!

There’s water in coffee and beer, right?

14. Get home from work at a decent time.

Oh look, a donut shop.

15. Less time on Facebook!

That’s no problem. Pinterest is where I get terrible ideas, and Twitter is where I vent about them #fail.

16. Drink less alcohol.

But where would I get my fruits and vegetables?

17. Start my own business!

I’ve always wanted to be a mattress tester.

18. Quit smoking.

How else will I get to know my coworkers?

19. Run a half-marathon!

I can watch someone else do it while I finish this donut.

20. Call people more than text.

I talk to Siri.

21. Cut someone out of my life who isn’t good for me!

Delete a friend on Facebook. Aw, who am I kidding? I’ll just make them not show up in the newsfeed.

22. Stop getting back in touch with my exes.

Some say the best is yet to come.

You may think some of the resolutions above are either ridiculously easy or  impossible. Whatever your goals are for the coming year, let’s choose resolutions that we actually have a chance of accomplishing!

And as always, If you can’t keep your resolutions, don’t ever be afraid to reach out. Talk with a friend or counselor who can help you keep your resolutions from turning into one of the excuses above.

What are some of the resolutions you plan on making this year, and how will you creatively break or make them?

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