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Counseling for Weight Management in Beverly Hills, MI

When John stepped off the scale, he was fighting disappointment. This had been a struggle his whole life, and he wondered if it would ever get any easier. It was not for trying. John kept up with the latest diet trends and exercise crazes. Several times, he has lost a significant amount of weight. However, he generally gained it back. Any success John had only seemed to be short-term. The worst part was his head: John desperately wanted to like his body and to lose some weight. However, he is so difficult on himself. John and his body have a contentious relationship. John is not alone. Many people can relate. Both women and men can struggle to manage their weight and to maintain a healthy self-image. They latest fads and crazes have left many people exhausted. They focus on following narrow and strict rules, but therapy for weight management takes a different approach. Instead, counseling focuses upon holistic health and establishing an accepting relationship with one’s body. With a strong foundation of emotional and physical health, counseling for weight management often empowers people to make lasting changes.

“I think there’s so much emphasis on body image and results and outcome, but really what you should be after is to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.”
—Abby Wambach

When people are managing their weight, they often work with a trainer at the gym or with a nutritionist to help with their diet. However, more and more, people are also working with a counselor. What affects an individual’s mind can affect their body. What affects an individual’s body can affect their mind. Sometimes, what is happening emotionally with a person is what is holding them back physically. Counseling can explore that mind-body connection and often help people live holistic and healthy lives.

The therapists at Thriveworks Beverly Hills offer therapy for weight management. We have worked with many clients who have learned to accept their body and cultivate both emotional and physical health.

Body Weight and Body Image in America

Many people in American struggle with their bodies. The Centers for Disease Control found that…

  • Twenty percent of adults in American are considered obese.
  • Twenty percent of adults (ages 20 and older) in the US are considered overweight.
  • Nine percent of kids ages 2-5 are considered obese.
  • Seventeen percent of kids ages 6-11 are considered obese.
  • Twenty percent of kids ages 12-19 are considered obese.

These numbers are not just statistics. Each person has a unique story. For many people, the number on the scale only represents part of the story. Often, emotional and psychological wounds contribute to the struggle with weight.

Therapy and Body Image

Working with a therapist can give people a number of advantages in their battle to manage their weight. Two of that benefits may include…

Healing emotional wounds. The weight and the scale may be visible, but the emotional wounds may not be. Anxiety and depression can fuel an unhealthy relationship with the body. While many people associate eating disorders with being underweight, they are common in people who struggle with being overweight or obese as well. These mental health issues can be treated, and their treatment is often an important step toward establishing a healthy relationship with the body. Counseling looks beyond the surface and seeks deeper healing.

Building resiliency. Fad diets give strict rules that are easy to break, and thus, people can yo-yo between weight gain and loss. Therapy focuses upon building resiliency for the long-term. Self-awareness is often important in this process. Often, people can allow untrue and negative beliefs to lay the foundation for their relationship with their body—without even knowing it. However, as people become more self-aware, they may be able to recognize these false beliefs and replace them. People who struggle with weight management often believe untrue things like…

  • Food is a good reward for doing well in life.
  • Indulging should be punished.
  • I will never feel comfortable in my own body.

When these negative thoughts are identified, they can be replaced with healthier patterns like…

  • Motivation that is not linked to rewards and punishments.
  • Healthy coping skills for difficult emotions (that do not involve food).
  • Ways to bounce back after a setback.

Scheduling Appointments at Thriveworks Beverly Hills for Weight Management Counseling

As you read about weight management, did anything resonate with you? If so, you are one among many. It is common for people to have a difficult relationship with their bodies, but it does not have to be this way. More and more, people are reaching out for the help they need. Yes, they are working with coaches or trainers to establish an exercise routine. Yes, they are working with a nutritionist to help them with a healthy diet. Yes, they are working with a therapist to heal their mind as well as their body. If you are ready to work with a mental health professional, know that the counselors at Thriveworks Beverly Hills have appointments available for weight management.

When you contact our office, know that you will not reach a voicemail or an automated response system. A scheduling specialist will answer your call and help you make an appointment. We do not put our clients on a waitlist (we do not even have one), but we do offer evening and weekend sessions. New clients also often have their first appointment within 24 hours of their first call. We also accept many different forms of insurance. Call today.

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