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5 Ways You Can Change Your Life With A Coach – Counselors in Beverly Hills, MI

Although coaching is becoming more mainstream, I’m still consistently presented with the question, “What’s a life coach”. I’d like to answer that question, but more directly by addressing what a life coach can do for you.

What a coach can do for you:

1. Clarify your goals and why they are important to you

The why is huge and significant. We can write goals all day long and not achieve them and wonder why. We must determine their significance in our lives. If something matters, we will value it more.

2. Keep you accountable on weekly action steps to achieve that goal

It’s amazing how much an accountability partner really matters. I can say this from personal and professional experience. When you have someone who is on your team, cheering you on, and also helping you up when you stumble, keeps us focused on the vision.

3. Identify barriers to getting what you say you want

Most of us function on lessons taught to us by adults that shared only what they knew and believed, about money, success, abundance, thriving. We can only learn from those around us. Now as adults, we have the choice to believe what we want, create our own story and meaning that we want to live by. From this point forward you create your life!

4. Identify your inner dialog

We strive for our goals, only to give up right before the finish line. If you want your life to be different, then your thoughts and actions have to change as well. Remember that we are habitual beings. Right now your brain is programmed a certain way; you wake up every day and do the same things every day, find yourself in bed wondering why didn’t anything great happen. The most successful people read and education themselves on a daily basis, stretching out of their comfort zone continuously. What are you doing to stretch yourself? To grow? What are you willing to give up in order to be your greatest self? No one says it will be easy, but expect yourself to get stronger!

5. Stay the course – once a goal is achieved, how to maintain it and keep growing (avoid self sabotage).

Remember, we are creatures of habit. You must continue your new habits to continue creating greatness in your life. Remember those times when you or someone you know stopped working out because they reached their goal weight. Then of course gained it all back. Or the diet that ended once you felt healthier just to go back to feeling sluggish, tired, and uninspired again. You must make it part of the new you, do things that inspire you every day. This is not a fast acting plan for change – this is a practice for creating the experience of living your life to the fullest. It’s every day, creating joy, fun, and adventure. Sure things will get difficult, you will still feel stress and defeat, you are human. But remembering to choose, “do I want to stay in fear or do I choose success and empower myself to move forward?”

It’s up to you, but I will be there to walk beside you on this grand adventure!

Ask yourself “what goals or achievements have I not been able to reach?” Why? Don’t know the answer? Thats where I come in. Just speaking out loud your goals, barriers, strengths and weaknesses moves the needle forward. Then the work begins. Effective ways to uncover beliefs about success and failure, clarify those goals that are non-negotiable and what it will take to achieve them. Remember, to live and above average life, and have above average experiences, you have to think like an above average person.

Life Coaching

What is important to you in life? What is important to you in your relationships? Sometimes the toughest step to take is to get clarity on what you really want. There is a whole world of opportunity, and you get to choose what you want. If you decide not to choose, life will choose for you, and you may not be as happy as you could be. When you make clear decisions about your life—career, relationships and what you choose to do in your free time—it starts a chain reaction that can lead to what you visualize your life being.

Life Coaches ask the tough questions of what you want or dream for your life. Once you find the answers and clarify what you want, a great amount of energy is freed up. Life Coaches will work with you to find ways to live a rewarding life that makes you happy, whether it is enjoying healthy relationships with friends and partners, trying a field you have always wanted to work in or any number of issues.

Life Coaches at Thriveworks in Beverly Hills, MI have expertise in what holds people from growing in their lives and careers and work with them to move in the right direction to reach their goals. For the past decade, Life Coaches at Thriveworks have worked with thousands of people to help them clarify what they want and discover what is important to them, as well as find strategies to help them get there.

Life Coaching in Beverly Hills, MI Focuses on Clarity

What do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of? What are you tolerating in your life? As you go through life, the answers to these questions may have to be reevaluated, because what was important to you 10 years ago may not be the same now. Life Coaches work with you to answer the questions. With the hustle and bustle of life and so many responsibilities that pile up, you may not have had the time to think about the answers and have to dig a little deeper. Working with a Life Coach at Thriveworks will help you to explore your options and discover what you want.

Life Coaching for Motivation

The questions of what you want in life, what you value in your friendships and what you would like less of—or more of—are posed to help you clarify what would make you happy. As you delve into the questions, sometimes called “Miracle Questions,” uncovering the answers is important to bring you from living an unsatisfactory or neutral life to one that is much more satisfying. Life Coaches at Thriveworks work with you to identify where you stand on numerous issues in order to motivate you to move toward a positive life.

The following are some of the areas you may want to explore by scoring a negative 10, a positive 10 or a 0 for neutral to find out where you are.

  • Physical Environment
  • Health
  • Romance and Intimacy
  • Personal Growth
  • Spiritual life and religious activities

Examples for Life Coaching

The Life Coaches at Thriveworks will work with you to seek what you want out of life, what you are tolerating and what you feel is important. Whether you want to spend your free time volunteering at an animal shelter, helping to beautify your community or taking a vacation to a tropical island (but never made the time or put everybody else ahead of you), Life Coaches will help you to set goals based on your values and put a list of action items in priority to include them in your life.

Life Coaches will work with you in a variety of situations, and the following are some examples.

  • All types of fears get in the way of doing what you really want. You would like to take courses at a local college to find out more about a particular subject or want to get a degree in something totally different than what you studied. But, if you took the time to go to classes and study, would you be jipping your family? What if you enrolled in college, and you don’t do well in the courses? At this point in your life, would you be the oldest person in the class? With all the questions and negativity, you are stalled from making a decision.
  • When you experience the loss of a spouse or partner, it is a struggle to endure each day without them. You are lost and feel things will never be the same—happiness has eluded you, and the things you used to do now seem mundane. Will you ever be able to live a joyful life and feel passionate about anything again?
  • You’ve been married for the last 30 years, and you had dreams that the two of you would travel to faraway places and share hobbies together. But, it seems like you both go in different directions, never finding a mutually agreeable activity. After working all week, the weekends are disappointing–you stay at home, do an endless list of chores and don’t try anything new together.

Life Coaches will work with you to find out what your fears are, regain the strengths you once had and delve into the lack of communication you may be experiencing. They work with you on strategic ways to find resolutions and tactics to reach your goals.

Thriveworks Life Coaches Have Credentials and Professional Licenses

With something as important as Life Coaching, you would think there would be specific standards set forth by a governing body. However, that isn’t so and anybody can have business cards made up to be a Life Coach. In the search for a Life Coach, you want to be able to trust that person with your issues and information.

Thriveworks Life Coaches have credentials and professional licenses. For the past 10 years, Thriveworks in Beverly Hills, MI has provided Life Coaching for thousands of people. Call Thriveworks Life Coaching in Beverly Hills, MI at (248) 686-3347 today to schedule a session or find out more about Life Coaching and how it can help you lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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