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Family Therapy and Counseling in Beverly Hills, MI

A family is a system—that is, each member is connected to the other members. Each person contributes to the family; each person receives from the family… at least, when family systems work harmoniously. However, it is normal for families to lose their balance at times. Life can knock families off balance, and re-establishing normalcy can be a challenge. In a family, when one person faces a problem, often, everyone is affected.

Maybe being a parent is far more challenging than you anticipated, and your children are having a hard time. Maybe one family member’s anxiety, frustration, or anger is affecting another member. Maybe poor communication or no communication has hurt feelings. Maybe a harmful family pattern is repeating over and over again.

There are lots of reasons to consider family therapy, but one of the best is that family therapy has helped many families work through their challenges. When the family system becomes healthier, often the individual members benefit.

The therapists at Thriveworks Beverly Hills understand that families face difficult challenges. Each family has unique problems, but family therapy has helped many clients find the tools they need to re-establish harmony.

Why Family Therapy?

Family therapy explores how individual members are situated within a family unit: how they contribute to the family and how the family contributes to them. This may mean looking at a family’s coping mechanisms, expectations, and roles.

The most well-known methods of family counseling are family systems therapy and family structural therapy. These approaches build upon the foundational idea that families shape people’s behaviors, beliefs, and identities—for good or bad. Therefore, helping a family system usually helps the individual family members.

Particularly, a skilled therapist may explore how love languages, birth order, and/or personality type make connecting as a family more challenging but how making some adjustment may help. The goal of family therapy is to help families become interdependent (but not codependent), increase their communication, and augment a family’s harmony.

There is no quick fix or magic formula for overcoming a family’s struggles. However, strengthening the family unit is often worth the effort. Potential benefits include…

  • Less cases of abuse, neglect, or other legal problems
  • Greater potential income with a reduced risk of poverty
  • Better coping skills for managing stress and hardship
  • Increased attachment and possibility for children to learn relational skilled
  • Decreased depression and anxiety-related conditions

When Is the Right Time to Pursue Family Therapy?

Consider for a moment the challenges that your family faces. Are several people affected by the challenge? Could several people assist with the solution? If yes, consider family therapy as an option for working through the challenge.

Some of the reasons Thriveworks Beverly Hills clients have begun family therapy include…

  1. Overbearing parenting and recalcitrant children
  2. Indulgent parenting and uncontrollable children
  3. A special-needs family member with unequally distributed care/interaction
  4. Hormonal variances with parents or teens that may be causing or exacerbating conflict
  5. Intimacy challenges in the marriage relationship
  6. Unmet needs of family members
  7. Neglect, addiction, and/or abuse in the family
  8. Inadequate/no premarital counseling and/or marriage maintenance
  9. Hostility/tension among the family members
  10. Particularly hard times as a sudden job loss or family death
  11. Family therapy is not a quick fix—it takes work and each member must do their part. When families come together to solve their problems through therapy, many are able to breakout of harmful patterns and reestablish harmony.

The therapists at Thriveworks Beverly Hills are ready to guide families toward more loving, peaceful relationships.

Thriveworks Beverly Hills Family Therapy

The therapists at Thriveworks Beverly Hills understand how to identify the root cause of a family’s challenge. They have guided many families toward seeing the big picture while finding feasible solutions. Thriveworks Beverly Hills therapists understand

  • that the problem is the problem—not individual or family seeking help for it
  • how listening and empathy go a long way to help families
  • that each individual needs a voice
  • how every problem has potential for workable compromise

Does your family want help as it deals with life’s challenges? Is tension creeping into your family system and harming relationships? Are you ready for a peaceful, balanced home? Thriveworks Beverly Hills therapists get it and are ready to help.

When you choose our office, we hope to provide first-rate care from your first call throughout treatment. That is why a scheduling specialist will answer your call and help you find a convenient therapy session. That is why we work with most insurance providers. That is why we offer evening and weekend appointments.

Would your family benefit from tuning into each other’s needs? If yes, Thriveworks Beverly Hills, MI may be able to help. Call today for a family therapy appointment.

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