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Think about the last time you were in a tight spot, maybe you experienced a particularly difficult challenge at work or a personal setback. What did you tell yourself about that situation? Whether you spoke to yourself with a positive and accurate view of reality makes a big difference in the outcome of that situation. Many times, people tell themselves untrue, negative things like, “I made a mistake. I never do anything right.” Thoughts like these can make an already difficult situation even worse, and many people are learning to fight this negativity through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Working with a therapist, they are changing with their lives by first changing their mindset.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without
changing our thinking.” —Albert Einstein

CBT can empower people to do what Albert Einstein says, changing the world through changing their thinking. What people think has a lot of power in their lives, and people have significant control over their thoughts. Changing a negative, untrue thought to a positive, true one is not as easy as flipping a switch, but it can be done. CBT can teach people…

  1. How much power they exert over their feelings, thoughts, and actions.
  2. To recognize negative and untrue thoughts within themselves before they progress into actions.
  3. The cognitive and emotional skills it takes to adjust those thoughts.
  4. How to address challenges in a practical, positive, and truthful way.

The staff at Thriveworks Beverly Hills offers cognitive behavioral therapy, and we have seen the difference positive, true thoughts make in an individual’s life. Internal change is the key of lasting, positive life change.

The Problem of Cognitive Distortion

An individual’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are all interconnected. Untrue, negative thinking patterns, therefore, are not small matters, but they can wreak havoc in a person’s life. There is even a term for them: cognitive distortions. The first step toward a more positive outlook is identifying cognitive distortions. When people step back and examine their thinking, they can make necessary adjustments. Cognitive distortions come in innumerable shapes and sizes, but a few common ones include…

  • Overgeneralization—taking a universal principle away from one experience. For example, telling yourself that you are incompetent even though you only made one mistake.
  • Emotional reasoning—equating internal emotions with external realities. For example, people feel guilty all the time for things that are not their own fault. The internal feeling of guilt does not equate to the external reality of guilt.
  • Polarized or “black and white” thinking—placing everything into an all-or-nothing category. Everything is black, or it is white. There is no grey.
  • Blaming—finding fault anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes no one is at fault. Other times, assigning blame does not help the situation.
  • Catastrophizing—seeing disaster around every corner. This can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The reality is that setbacks are normal, not signs that the world is falling apart.
  • Control fallacy—over-exerting one’s control or abandoning one’s control. For example, children may feel as if they caused their parents’ divorce when they had no such control over their parents’ choice.
  • Filtering—denying or minimizing positive realities. The good is filtered out so that all a person sees and processes is negative.
  • Fallacy of fairness—comparing oneself to others in a way that imposes an arbitrary standard for fairness.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? How Could It Help?

Cognitive behavioral therapy combats these cognitive distortions with true, positive thinking patterns about reality. It is a therapeutic method wherein clients present a real-life situation, and the counselors and client work together to process it. In this way, it is proactive and practical.

One example of an exercise therapists may use to help clients adjust their cognitive distortions is called the “Three-column Technique.” During this exercise, clients with draw three columns on a blank piece of paper. On the left side, clients will record a situation they are currently facing. For example, they may write that they are experiencing anxiety about a friend who has not returned their text message asking to meet up at the movies next week. In the middle column, clients will record what they are thinking about this circumstance. They may say that they think their friend is upset at them… that their friend does not like them anymore… that they are a bad friend. In the middle column, clients will also write which cognitive distortions this thinking may involve. In this case, it would be catastrophizing and blaming. Finally, in the third column, clients will write a healthier, true response. They may write that their friend could be busy… that they will text their friend asking how their week has been… that no one is to blame (sometimes people just do not answer texts and that is ok). This exercise may feel forced at first, the more clients go through it, the more adjusting their cognitive distortions will feel natural.

CBT can be used in a wide variety of therapeutic settings, including as a treatment for…

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Mood swings
  • General health issues
  • Drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Self-destructive habits
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Self-mutilation
  • Child and adolescent issues
  • Relationship issues

CBT Appointments at Thriveworks Beverly Hills

If you are ready to change your negative thoughts, Thriveworks Beverly Hills is ready to help. We have appointments for CBT available, and our therapists and counselors are ready to work with you. When you contact our office, you may have your first session within 24 hours. We have evening and weekend appointments. We also accept most insurance plans.

Let’s work together for a positive change. Call Thriveworks Beverly Hills today.

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Great therapist

Andrea Golden is easy to talk with and goes or of her way to give a balanced perspective.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Lindsey is great!

I had the honor of working with Lindsey at a previous job and she is one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met. Lindsey listens intently to everyone and is open to people from all walks of life. Lindsey is knowledgeable and passionate about advocating for mental health. This makes Lindsey a great leader and counselor. I would refer anyone I know to Lindsey!
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I’ve known Tammy Wagstaff for quite some time. She was very helpful to me for finding my strengths and improving my working and personal relationships. She is a good listener and is able to “see” my point of view . I would highly recommend this counselor
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Review for Sandra Quigley

*****I have been a patient of Sandra's for nearly 2 years now and I really can't say enough good things about her work with me. She is a true Christian counselor and that was exactly the perspective I needed to guide me down the path God was trying to lead me. She definitely strengthened my faith and made many of life's big problems seem like small speed bumps when looking at the big picture!! I highly recommend Sandra Q. if you are looking for the someone who honestly cares about you and the journey you are on. Remember, there’s ultimately only one way to peace in your life, and that’s to walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus!! *****
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

I really enjoyed meeting Melissa.

I really enjoyed meeting Melissa. It was easy to converse with her. She was very professional but completely relatable too. I would definitely recommend Thriveworks!
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Moving with meaning

Much Gratitude Christine, You're helping me become the best version of myself. The self I've always pictured the vision is clear and I am ready to LIVE!!
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

I wouldn’t recommend it – one of the worst therapists I’ve ever seen

The doctor (PhD) I saw for therapy decided, on the second session, to pay more attention to doing things on his phone than to listening to me. He thought he was hiding what he was doing behind his portfolio, but he was not. I could see the reflection of what he was doing, and he was looking down more than up. He was pretending to listen but didn't do a very good job of that, because when I stopped talking, he would incorrectly try to restate what I said or, make a comment on what I said which turned out to not be relevant because it was clear he wasn't listening. He did not seem to want to be there. It was a horrible experience. I called the next day to complain to the lady on the phone, and got a sincere "I'm sorry" and that's it. When I got the bill (very expensive, by the way), I have been attempting to call the office to pay it over the phone but I keep getting told that the people that do the billing are currently busy and that I should call back. It should not be that difficult for someone to take a credit card number and apply it to my bill, especially a bill I shouldn't have to pay due to horrible service. I hope the other therapists at Thriveworks are better than the one I selected, and actually have interest in helping their patients.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Couldn’t be happier

We couldn't be happier with the staff and help we have received for our family at the practice. Christine has been particularly helpful in assisting myself and our family get back on track.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham


Comfortable, private space for anyone and everyone in the family to get the personal time and space they need.
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She helped change my life

Dear Marcy, I can't thank you enough for recommending your therapist Dawn Gaden to me. She has helped change my life. I have always struggled with feeling misunderstood. But recently I fell into a deep depression; beyond something I could resolve myself. Therapy was required for my recovery. Since childhood I have been weary of therapists because I would talk through my problems but I didn't get tools and strategies to handle my problems better. Dawn has changed that. For the first time I leave each appointment not only relieved from having talked my issues through, but more importantly with tools to help me move forward. She has introduced me to methods I had considered silly, but now I could live without. I am proud of the person I am becoming and the journey I have chosen to take. Thank you for all you have done to change my life and my family's future.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

She Inspires Hope

I found Sandra Quigley on the web while searching for a Christian counselor. I was having a lot of anxiety about making a career change. She not only helped through the anxieties, she also helped me with concerns in my personal life. Sandra's non-judgmental and compassionate approach, made me feel comfortable and hopeful.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Karen Waldrop

Ms. Waldrop is an active listener and excellent problem solver. She offers practical resolutions to everyday problems for those suffering with depression, life changes, anxiety, and stress. She provides empathy in a quiet manner with a gentle sense of humor. She is capable to offer a variety of tools for those seeking positive and lasting life changes. If you are seeking someone with whom you can discuss your deepest personal issues in a confidential manner I would highly recommend Ms. Karen Waldrop as your therapist.
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

Everything I needed

I found Sandra Quigley in the back of a magazine (Psychology Today). I desperately needed someone to talk to. Newly retired with plenty of time to allow my mind to take over my life, I felt constantly anxious and very out of sorts. Enter Sandra Quigley- compassionate, non-judgmental, kind, and gentle. She is everything that I needed to heal myself. I had never talked to a therapist before, so this was a new venture. It was very important to me that I find someone with whom I could feel comfortable. Right away, I felt comfortable. I did have assignments; I never was prescribed a single drug. She went out of her way to help me specifically with my issues- finding me articles, books, telling stories. I never felt uncomfortable; I felt and still feel that my time with Sandra is valuable. With Sandra’s help, I have unearthed a much calmer, happier, together self that now wakes up each morning looking forward to the day ahead. We all have our baggage- I never once realized that I could unpack that bag and put my crap away. I now get to walk through life so much lighter!!
Thriveworks Counseling Birmingham

So helpful!

I really love the helpful and peaceful approach at Thriveworks. I have known Marcy for a long time and her ability to work through tough spots and discuss personalities makes her a lot of fun for me. Time flies when we chat and that is a good thing for a guy like me who is always worried about time. I also love Dawn Gadens video blogs! insightful and easy to access. I don't see Dawn in counseling but if she is that good on video I have to believe she is great in person. Give a shot...I bet you will love them.
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