Infidelity Counseling

What Is Infidelity?
As a victim, understanding the origins of your partner’s infidelity can be a hard thing to achieve. Infidelity is often thought of in simple terms as an act of sexual unfaithfulness, but scientists have classified the phenomenon into three categories – these include sexual infidelity, romantic infidelity and a combination of the aforementioned.

Once an act of adultery has been exposed in a relationship, its consequences will differ depending on the type of infidelity. Every relationship is unique and will be affected in a fashion determined by the partners’ characters, as well as their relationship history. The way in which relationships develop after unfaithfulness has transpired is never a simple and clear-cut situation – whilst many couples do in fact make up and reestablish a loving relationship, others will swiftly part ways on devastatingly bad terms. Some partners may even persist in unhappiness unable to make a step in either direction. This unhappy stalemate can be greatly helped by professional counseling for infidelity.

How Does Infidelity Affect A Relationship?
The primary victim and person most affected by the act of infidelity is undoubtedly the deceived spouse. However, he or she is in no way the only individual troubled by the act. The harmony and happiness of an entire family can be destabilized by the disclosure of adultery; children, grandparents and even friends may feel the effects. Despite this far-reaching and vastly damaging impact, more often than not relationships do persist and reconcile.

Counseling For Infidelity Helps
Regardless of the end result, a reinstated relationship or a broken one, counseling for infidelity can be of great assistance with respect to guiding the couple towards the correct settlement in a peaceful manner. Counselors are trained to work in a confidential and unbiased fashion, serving no judgement on their clients. They will help shape a dialogue and an emotional understanding between the two partners. A well-trained counselor will avoid dictating ‘one size fits all’ solutions and platitudes and will above all focus on encouraging the couple to reach their own conclusions.

Thriveworks Austin is a counseling clinic with a breadth of experience that allows our counselors to help couples in all manner of situations. We want you to understand that infidelity does not have to signal the end of a relationship, no matter the outcome, our counselors will strive to give you the support you require. Why not get in touch with us today to reserve your first counseling session for infidelity.

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