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It can be difficult just graduating from college and trying to land a job. In addition, it can be a challenge trying to gain employment after you’ve been laid off. The rejection letters and emails come in on a daily basis, and there is no sign of an interview or potential job in sight. It’s hard to keep moving ahead and searching for jobs when your confidence is suffering from all of the rejections. What are you doing wrong? You have the drive to work hard if only you could get a break.

Athletes in every sport have streaks where they can’t seem to win a game, and they wonder if it will turn around. Sports coaches are there to guide them with strategies to use in the game, be a sounding board and give them the motivation they need to overcome their “losing streaks.” Life Coaches act in the same way with their clients. They work with people to find out what their strengths and qualities are, make a plan on how to overcome their struggles and guide them along the way as they work toward the goal. Just like athletes have challenging seasons in sports, people deal with the trials and tribulations of their personal and professional lives.

Life Coaches at Thriveworks in Ann Arbor, MI are knowledgeable about the differing concerns that deter people from personal growth and work to galvanize them to their goals. For a decade, Life Coaches at Thriveworks have worked with thousands of people to help them identify their strengths and capabilities, as well as to reach success.

Life Coaching in Ann Arbor, MI Focuses on Strengths to Reach Success

Do you remember in elementary school when you’d have an assignment to write about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Everybody had to write at least three paragraphs about what they would be and why. Then, the teacher would go around the class, asking children to tell about their dreams. While it’s been a while since elementary school, those are the types of questions asked in Life Coaching. The “Miracle Questions” are asked to find out what you want for your life and what your aspirations are.

You may have tucked your dreams away with the elementary school notebook and completely forgot about it. As an adult with responsibilities, there are so many things—a family, bills to pay, a full-time job–that prevent you from identifying dreams and goals you want. Sometimes the things we really want are the last in a long line of other needs.

An experienced Life Coach at Thriveworks will work with you to seek what you really want in your life, the overflow of activities and responsibilities that prevent you from getting them and a plan to move toward the goal.

Life Coaching for a Variety of Issues

The Life Coaches at Thriveworks will work with you on transitions in your personal life, professional relationships, discovering your obstacles or challenges and choosing a course of action to make your life more of what you want it to be.

Life Coaches will work with you if you are experiencing the following challenges and much more.

1) Some people wait for the perfect time. They wait for a different time to ask the person they think is interesting for a date or a less busy time to ask their supervisor and for a raise. They figure they can ask at a “better” time, which will never come. The possibility of being rejected and the negativity swirling around their mind makes it harder and harder to screw up the courage to take a step toward what they want.

A Life Coach will work with you on finding out what prevents you from asking questions, the challenges you face and the fears you have, as well as set up targets to get what you really want.

2) Sometimes days go by, and you don’t seem to accomplish a thing. At work, you “spin your wheels,” doing a bit of one project and then a little of another project. It’s the same thing at home, where you have a messy house, grocery shopping to do and the landscaping that needs to be maintained—and you don’t even know what to do first.

A Life coach will work with you to create a plan to accomplish your tasks one at a time, make a list that doesn’t have to be long and tedious, and learn to concentrate on doing one thing instead of 50 at a time. They will work with you on the issues that hinder you from being productive and create the overwhelming panic you feel each day that the list of tasks grows even longer.

3) Do you do things only one way and don’t entertain doing them differently? Maybe you don’t take the time to listen to sage advice about what could make your life easier and stubbornly plow through each of your days doing things the way you’ve always done them. You don’t want to listen to anybody, because you have all the answers already.

A Life Coach will work with you to find out the reasons you aren’t open to trying new things or listening to advice, as well as progressing from the assumption that you have the answers and gaining the skills to listen to what others have to say—even if you don’t always use their advice.

Many Reasons to Select Thriveworks for Life Coaching

It is important to point out that Life Coaching is entirely unregulated. Many people decide that their calling is to be a Life Coach, and open their business in spite of having little or no education in the field or the professional licensing or background to work with clients on some of the most challenging problems in their lives.

Thriveworks Life Coaches have experience, credentials and professional licenses. Contact Thriveworks in Ann Arbor, MI at (734) 352-2812 to schedule a session to delve into your ambition, motivation, values and vision, as well as find the challenges and obstacles that get in the way of unlocking your true potential.

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