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Many times, people meet “the one,” have a whirlwind courtship and get married. It seems like a fairytale except for the fact that those stories don’t tell couples that a relationship takes work. Couples often enter into relationships without the tools to manage the challenges that may arise. The good news is that couples have turned marriages and relationships around after years of distress—even when they felt that nothing could help resolve the issues.

One of the greatest investments couples can make is in their relationships. By getting the expert help they need to resolve issues, the relationship can become better than ever. Whether a couple is married for a year or is celebrating its 25th anniversary, the therapists at Thriveworks New York City are here to help.

There are many reasons to seek marriage therapy and couples counseling. Some of the most common issues couples experience are:

Bickering Constantly

Negative communication is when one partner feels judged, shamed, disregarded, insecure or wanting to withdraw from the conversation. Fighting and arguing can get out of control quickly and become hurtful and destructive to the relationship, leaving wounds that don’t easily heal. For many couples, the constant bickering affects their intimacy and connection with each other and leads to both individuals feeling unloved, misunderstood and desperate. It is not always about what a partner says, but the tone of the conversation. If left to continue, the negative communication has the potential to lead to emotional abuse. With some work and the help of therapists at Thriveworks in Ann Arbor the relationship can be happier and more fulfilling.

Financially “Unfaithful”

Financial infidelity is often, if not more, damaging to a relationship than a sexual affair. If one partner keeps the other in the dark about spending or the necessity to control everything related to money, the other individual should bring up the topic of family finances. When a partner wants to understand the monthly bills and budget, any debt, how much money is in the savings, checking and retirement accounts, that is perfectly fair. If the other partner objects to discussing financial questions, there is a conflict in the relationship.

The top warning signs of financial infidelity are a partner who wants to control the finances with no input, suspicious withdrawals from investment accounts and one person changing the subject when money discussions arise. Other warning signs that a partner is less than truthful in money matters is insisting on having separate credit card accounts and secretive passwords for online banking. Couples who want to resolve these types of money matters and get back to a vibrant, truthful relationship should seek the help of the experienced therapists at Thriveworks in Ann Arbor, MI.

Living Separate Lives

Once individuals become more like roommates than a couple, it may be a red flag of trouble ahead. A problem exists when there is a lack of communication, conversation, intimacy and a feeling of “just co-existing.” Being emotionally absent from a relationship can sneak up on any couple, and it is normal to have phases when it happens. But, when the problem lingers for weeks, months and longer, trouble can be brewing. Busy lives and a “to do” list that keeps piling up means time for each other is placed on the low priority list. To get the relationship back up to speed, therapists at Thriveworks in Ann Arbor can help.

Affection is Withheld as Punishment

Sometimes a partner gets angry over small things and withholds affection—even to the point of giving the other individual the silent treatment. When this happens, one person begins to act as the “parent” or “punisher,” starving the other person of love as a weapon. The lack of balance in the relationship signals that the couple may benefit from a therapist’s help at Thriveworks in Ann Arbor, MI.

These examples are only a few of the many issues couples may experience in their marriage. Whether couples experience small conflicts or a seemingly unsurmountable issue, there is help. Call Thriveworks in Ann Arbor, MI at (734) 352-2812 to schedule a session or to find out more about how couples counseling and marriage therapy can help your relationship get on the path to a healthier, stronger relationship.

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