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Usually, family life is a place of refuge, something that offers peace and security. Unfortunately, it’s not always like that for all people, and it’s a worsening problem. We’re seeing more people reporting family life as a source of pain and bitter disappointment. It’s not always anyone’s fault either, it’s just that pressures of modern living and lifestyles can boil over sometimes. Adolescents can also overwhelm a family with their rebellious and often unruly behavior. It’s times like these when a family can reach breaking point and see no clear way forward.

Not being able to cope is not a sign of weakness or failure. It’s simply a set of situations that have become out of anyone’s control. This is where the services of a qualified family therapist or family counsellor can step in and may well save the day.

Family Challenges

A family counsellor will always remain neutral as a way to establish a platform that is free from blame and prejudgment. A qualified therapist can often identify issues within the family members that they themselves are unaware of. Some of these might include:

Dependency on alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs; ADD/ADHD (not only in children); mental health problems; adolescent behaviors; unhappiness / depression (kids and adults); how separation and divorce issues affect the kids; eating disorders; and relationship complications.

As you can see, disharmony in the home is not always a simple case of someone being disruptive for the sake of it. There are often underlying conditions that contribute greatly to family upsets. Some of the areas family therapists help to address include:

  • Disruption caused after a divorce, separation or a new partner moving into the home
  • Problems with step-family life (an ever growing problem in today’s world)
  • Debt in general or debt caused by compulsive gambling
  • The many problems associated with adolescents or older children
  • Children leaving home, especially at a young age
  • An unwanted pregnancy

Sometimes some issues just get out of all control, and the only way forward is with outside independent help. An Andover family therapist could be the help that you need. Call us today so that one of our family counselors can go over your options with you.

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