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Why Does Adultery Occur? Infidelity Counseling in Andover

Adultery as a phenomenon exists across the globe. It can be found in the majority of societies across all historical periods, happening with a consistent frequency among different populations. In the US, numerous studies have established that an approximated 25% of all married individuals will commit an act of adultery at some stage of their marriage. Irrespective of the pervasiveness of adultery, it is certainly not condoned as a practice. On the contrary, it is denounced within most societies and cultures – in the United States, an estimated 95% of people deem infidelity morally reprehensible.

Adultery as an act has serious consequences for all individuals involved; it is often difficult to understand why people engage in an affair when these are considered. Some of the contexts in which adultery is more likely to occur include:

  • Enduring emotional dissatisfaction of one partner.
  • Sense of weakness and oppression in a relationship.
  • A desire to escape from a relationship.
  • Ongoing disputes over infidelity-unrelated issues.
  • Low self-confidence and other psychological factors.

Infidelity – How Does It Impact A Relationship?

The impact that an act of adultery has on a relationship should never be taken lightly. Grief and trauma are among the primary reactions the betrayed person may experience. Profound distrust, anger, anxiety or even depression also commonly affect the injured party. The idea that the only victim of adultery is the betrayed partner is a misconception – the act often unsettles the entire family dynamics. If a marriage concludes in divorce, the children may experience the highest level of damage and suffering. The unfortunate events may push them to develop lasting negative feelings towards their parents – the trauma can also influence how they view adult relationships in later life.

How Can Counseling Help Deal With Adultery?

Resolving the fallout from an act of adultery can rarely be achieved by means of quick fix methods. A successful resolution to the conflict will require constructive communication that allows both partners to reach a satisfactory agreement. This can prove impossible for many couples without the guidance of an experienced couples counselor. The counselor will typically seek to endow his clients with the tools and mechanisms essential to improve their usually disrupted communication and their control over the challenging emotions. Often couples will decide to attend therapy without a clear end in mind, be it reconciliation or separation – frequently the counseling itself will help them reach this decision during the process.

Thriveworks Andover

Thriveworks Andover offers support to the many couples who are experiencing difficulty during the aftermath of adultery. Our counselors have gained broad experience over many years of working with pairs troubled by infidelity and understand that every situation is unique. Our counseling sessions are personalized to the individual couples, making sure that you and your partner’s needs and requests are satisfied.

We believe that finding a remedy to the problems that infidelity generates for a relationship is feasible. Thriveworks Andover is there to assist you in this difficult period – so why not speak to us today to schedule your first infidelity counseling session.

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