Medicaid Counseling and Therapy in Westminster, CO

Looking for an excellent counseling practice that will accept Medicaid? How about a session with a caring, fully-licensed, therapist, who is available now (without a waiting list) in a high quality office setting?

Thriveworks Counseling in Westminster, CO provides help for a wide spectrum of life and mental health issues. Our services include therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Eating

Disorders, Career / Vocational issues, Relationship problems, and many other issues (call us to see how we can help you). Our fully-licensed mental health providers are highly respected in the field and some have even been featured in national publications including The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune,

AJC, and The Boston Globe. Our counselors have also been cited on CNN, NBC, ABC, Counseling Today, The Psychiatric Times, and many more.

  1. High quality Care
  2. Appointments Within 24 hours
  3. Medicaid Accepted

Call us today, to schedule your first Medicaid counseling session.

Thriveworks Counseling
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