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Everyone has been there, don’t try and run away from it or even fix it. Embrace it, give it a kiss on the cheek. Say goodbye, know that it was there, and know that it is now gone.

I mean, really there is no point in trying to escape your zone, right? You are comfortable. That is great, be comfortable. You are safe. That is wonderful, stay safe. You think it is better if you keep to yourself all the time. Keep thinking that. You’re wrong, but keep thinking that and see where it takes you. Imagine what kind of dynamic you add to a group setting (you may think it isn’t much, but your friends and family thinks it’s great and they love it). Removing yourself removes an entire personality from the realm of possibilities.

We can all admit we need our “me” time. In this instance, we are not talking about the time you need to have alone in order to think and clear your thoughts. We are talking about a habitual effort to avoid interaction with others. An effort that goes to great lengths to get out of certain social situations. An effort that is premeditated to ensure solitude.

Social anxiety might be another term we have desensitized (see: your sister who calls herself “OCD” because she organized her dresser).

Even though social anxiety is basically a household term, millions in the United States alone have been diagnosed with social anxiety or social phobia. With this disorder, there are some very real and very hard situations to get through when interacting with someone with social phobia. Especially if they are trying to get through a situation that is actively triggering it.

It’s hard to break out of your shell when you are constantly reinforcing it with layers upon layers of steel.

The shell being your phobia and the layers of steel being the excuses not to be social with others. The stockpiles of steel are endless until your mind stops creating them.

Make an appointment with Thriveworks, let’s get the crowbars and jackhammers to break down the barriers you put up daily. Let’s learn to be open and learn how openness makes us happier and easier to approach. But most importantly you will learn how to hug the rut, squeeze it into oblivion, and say goodbye.

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