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Anxiety and fear are common and affect more people than you may expect. However, we often have difficulty discerning between the two. Fear is generally a response to a real or perceived threat and is usually tied to something very specific. On the other hand, anxiety is typically characterized by the general feeling of continual worry or stress, and it’s usually difficult to pinpoint the source of this worry or anxiety on your own. Not only is anxiety common, but it’s normal. Almost everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives, but it is when anxiety becomes a constant presence in your life that it translates into a serious problem.

Anxiety has the potential to take a firm hold on your life, and can leave you feeling that it will never go away. The effects when anxiety creeps in at this level are numerous and often create both mental and physical problems. Unfortunately, the damage from anxiety doesn’t stop there; the physical and metal effects bring with them a negative impact on your interpersonal relationships as well.

Anxiety not only affects you, it affects those around you.

The struggle against anxiety can seem insurmountable, especially when you face it alone. Fortunately, the challenge becomes immensely more hopeful when you partner with a trained, caring professional anxiety counselor. At Thriveworks Anxiety Counseling Roanoke, we provide just that, a team of passionate, expert anxiety counselors and anxiety therapists who are highly capable of helping you to overcome your anxiety. Our licensed professionals can help you to identify the source of your anxiety, as well as teach you coping mechanisms to help you in and out of session and throughout your everyday life.

Working with a Thriveworks Counselor will bring hope to your fight against anxiety.
Thriveworks Roanoke Counseling exists to help you live a successful and happy life, and defeating the hold anxiety has on your life is a key component to your happiness and success. We believe your experience not only with us at Thriveworks Roanoke, but with counseling as a whole, should be positive and first class. We offer appointments within 24 hours and accept most major insurance coverage as well, so there’s no need to delay getting the help you want. Getting help fast is crucial to your success!

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