Maumelle Group Parenting Counseling

Group counseling provides a structured setting in which parent sets can work on developing stronger parenting skills to implement at home. The group will cover an array of topics that will allow parents to strengthen communication skills with one another and their child(ren).

What should I expect?

Group Counseling for Parenting is an educational group empowering parenting ability and competency in skills. Here is an overview of how the what to expect:

  • Group 1: Basics, overview, what to expect, process issues (id strengths and weaknesses)
  • Group 2: Communication—between parents, children, and agreement on parenting styles. Working on conflicts on how to parent.
  • Group 3: Avoiding the Power Struggle: clearly defined lines of who is in what role. Parents not being split by child.
  • Group 4: Implementing a structured behavior plan in the home. Must have both positive and negative consequences for behavior with clear communication of reason for positive or negative communication. Use as learning experience for child.
  • Group 5: Praise-based parenting: how to implement; communicating to the child when they are making positive choices. Being clear on exact behaviors and making an effort to notice child’s positive behavior, not just negative behavior.
  • Group 6: Family Time: What is it? Discuss the significance, examples, and role-play. Discuss setting aside scheduled time to spend as a family and how that can be quality time.
  • Group 7: Modeling the Behavior Parents Want to See—how parents argue and resolve conflicts are models for how the child learns to argue and resolve conflicts. Modeling an array of positive behaviors such as anger management, disagreements, compromise, etc.
  • Group 8: Review and summarize what has been learned; plan for maintenance; questions and concerns.
  • Group 9: Process implementation and issues that need to be resolved.
  • Group 10: Process implementation and issues that need to be resolved.
  • Group can be extended if interest is given to work on the implementation of strategies over extended periods of time. Group can also be made to accommodate bringing in children at certain stages to practice skills learned in group therapy.

What is the format of group counseling?

Group counseling is semi-structured, flexible, open process group utilizing CBT, solution focused techniques, and role-play/practice. Preferable that parents start the group at the beginning but if wanting to join later, could set up make-up group to review previously discussed topics.

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