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Workaholism is a serious addiction, and can destroy families, marriages, and physical health. A person suffering from workaholism has an obsessive focus on their career, an inability to focus or even carry on a conversation about any other topic, and a willingness to sacrifice any other relationships or hobbies. Workaholism is very common, and can go undiagnosed while the workaholic is receiving praise at work, as well as promotions and increased salary. Although a workaholic may achieve a great deal at work, they may destroy their family and relationships in the process.

The loved ones and families of workaholics often suffer for years in silence. Their workaholic partner or family member is so highly esteemed in their career, they do not want to cause trouble or rock the boat. But a person can only be ignored for so long, and eventually the relationship has nothing left. Thriveworks Littleton counselors can help the workaholic see how their addiction is hurting their loved one, as well as themselves. We can help create a new reality and create lasting change. We can help the workaholic understand how their long hours, lack of attention to loved ones, and obsessive need to achieve is detrimental to their overall happiness and health.

At Thriveworks Littleton, we do not operate with waiting lists. We want to be ready when we are needed. When you call Thriveworks Littleton for the first time, we will have an appointment available within 24 hours.

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