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“I just knew kind of vaguely that I wasn’t very happy, but I thought it was just how I was. After a couple of sessions with a psychiatrist, he suggested I try anti-depressants. I wasn’t sure, but I figured it was worth a shot. Turns out, it was exactly what I needed. I feel more motivated to go out and do things with people, and I even like my job more. My life is actually pretty good. I just needed some help with my mood.”

Psychiatry has been a recognized medical specialty since the early 1800s, when psychiatrists only treated those who were unable to function in society. Today, psychiatrists treat patients across the mental health spectrum. We’ve come a long way, from Freud’s contributions to psychoanalysis during the early 20th century, to revolutions in medication during the 50s and 60s, and finally to modern theories of rehabilitation (Reidbord). Though psychiatry is an often misunderstood field, psychiatric treatment has been used successfully by millions as a tool in their wellness plan. If you’ve been considering seeking treatment, our psychiatrists at Thriveworks-Knoxville are ready to see you—and we can get you scheduled within 24 hours.

Trained Psychiatrists in Knoxville, TN

Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors specializing in mental health. Because of their credentials, they are not only experts in psychotherapy, but in the biology of the body, which is often at work in psychiatric diagnoses. Their training provides important insight into the holistic relationship of the body to the mind—an imbalance in the body, be it chemical or otherwise, can result in an imbalance in the mind. Our psychiatrists consider not just the mental, but whether the body may need treatment. As medical doctors, psychiatrists are also licensed to prescribe medication, as appropriate, to enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

At Thriveworks Knoxville, our psychiatrists entered the field because they have a genuine desire to help people be as mentally healthy as possible. If you’ve been thinking about seeing a psychiatrist, give us a call and let us help you on the path to mental health.

Talk Therapy versus Medication

Talk therapy is incredibly valuable—by talking with a professional, the patient can determine what, if anything, is bothering them; identify any underlying trauma that may be causing the more obvious reaction (such as past sexual trauma resulting in current anger issues); and make a game plan for how to process current happenings. However, sometimes talk therapy isn’t enough, and that’s where seeing a psychiatrist comes in to the picture.

One of the benefits of seeing a psychiatrist is the ability to incorporate medication. Medication is an important player in mental health. While many people do not need medication, some are struggling with underlying chemical issues that make it difficult, if not impossible, to address issues through talk therapy alone. In fact, in some cases, the patient finds that medication actually addresses nearly all of the struggles they were experiencing with only the occasional support of “check-ups.” This is a classic case of the body influencing the health of the mind.

Though there are some others, the most common types of medication we prescribe as psychiatrists are:

  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Stimulants—most often prescribed for those with ADHD, as the stimulant allows for increased focus
  • Anti-psychotics—used to treat symptoms of a condition, either physical or mental, that has caused some loss of contact with reality
  • Mood stabilizers

When you meet with your psychiatrist, they may determine that incorporating one of these types of medication into your treatment plan will increase your chances of overall success, and therefore your quality of life.

Seeking Psychiatry Help

Below are just a few examples of reasons people seek the help of a psychiatrist. The list is not exhaustive. If your experience is not listed, it is still valid—and rest assured, you’re not alone. The chances are, we’ve helped people experiencing a difficulty very similar to yours.

  • Trauma—sexual, physical, or mental
  • Relationship problems
  • General unhappiness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Anger

Each of the problems above can be helped through psychiatry. Some of the items—such as the loss of a loved one or relationship problems—may only require medication for a short period of time. While the medication provides more immediate relief from symptoms, the patient will likely continue therapy to address and overcome the situation.

Though some situations benefit from temporary medication, others may require long term or permanent medication. Depression and anxiety are particular examples of disorders that may benefit from such intervention. While some anxiety and sadness is a regular part of life, if either become long-lasting or crippling, it is appropriate to seek the help of a psychiatrist. As mentioned above, sometimes mental health is impacted by an imbalance within the body, and in those cases, medication can significantly improve quality of life.

If you’re struggling, whether you know exactly why or not, give us a call. We’re invested in helping patients feel better.

Give us a Call

It’s entirely possible that you’ve been struggling for awhile—days, weeks, months—even years. We’re here to help. Knoxville is a great city, but it can also be an intense place to live—and one of the best things anyone can do for themselves is recognize when they need a little help dealing with an intense situation. Appointments can usually be scheduled within 24 hours, so give us a call or send us a message today.

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