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In America, an estimated 25% of all married individuals will commit an act of infidelity during their married life. Infidelity occurs in essentially all cultures that have been studied, spanning all social classes and as a phenomenon has a long and pervasive history. However, despite its high incidence, infidelity is condemned by 90% of all married individuals in America.

The paradox of infidelity being widely practiced and widely condemned is undoubtedly noteworthy. There are many different factors that contribute to a person’s decision to cheat – the reasons are personal and differ from one couple to the next. There is no exhaustive list of factors that can cause unfaithfulness in a relationship, although some common triggers may include emotional or sexual dissatisfaction, low self-esteem or preexisting conflicts over matters unrelated to betrayal. The individuality of circumstances which lead to infidelity creates a situation in which professional help in the form of counseling for infidelity can be of great advantage to a relationship.

The Challenges Of Infidelity

The consequences of an act of infidelity can be truly devastating for the victim. Relationships are built upon mutual trust and when this bond is broken by the one you love there is a cascade of intensely emotional responses that develop. Some of the strongest emotions that will be experienced include grief and anger; distrust almost always ensues and is one of the most destructive elements for a relationship during this turbulent period. Distrust causes the victim to obsess about the act of infidelity, making the individual focus his or her energy on rehashing the events, facts, as well as actions that caused the act of disloyalty – the victim will feel the need to control exactly what the perpetrator is doing, who they are with or where they are at all times.

Counseling For Infidelity – Can It Help?

The act of infidelity can cause the victim to experience an emotional rollercoaster that will be hard to manage – an environment that provides a forum to air your emotions and thoughts with a neutral guide can be liberating for the grieving partner. A professional counselor for infidelity will do just that – he or she will act as an impartial judge, guiding the communication and discussion towards an amicable solution for both parties. Regardless of the outcome, a good counselor will strive to facilitate the best possible resolution for the affected couple.

Thriveworks Knoxville

At Thriveworks Knoxville our professional counselors offer support to people facing the fallout from an act of infidelity. Thanks to our extensive experience we understand how to look after our clients – we tailor our counseling sessions to the individual needs of every couple. So why not reach out to us today to arrange your first couples counseling session for infidelity.


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